Life has no rules and can do anything it wants to you, but unfortunately we have rules

The rules Edit

  1. Don't Post any pornography or explain it. We don't want to know how much a disappointment he/she was.
  2. Don't Post anything about users on here. We don't care how much they wronged you. Only life is blamed.
  3. We don't want to see any posts of your life going just the way you wanted. We don't care if you put it in normal posts (just keep the goodness of your life not go over 500 words)
  4. If you randomly edit a page to fix grammar or to censor words to make it more rule friendly, then you might get a warning or at least a notice message. That isn't allowed. Only moderators and the owner himself is able to edit pages
  5. Check your grammar. captialize sentences and don't shorten wrds ore spell them incorrectily. (That was an example)
  6. Don't make them too short (10 words minimal) or too long (1000 words maximum)
  7. Appreciate others. You aren't life you are human.

The punishments Edit

If you disobey the rules we'll give you the list of punishments. If you get 3 warnings you'll get banned.

  • Breaking rule 1 will get you banned. No exceptions.
  • Breaking rule 2 will lead to your page getting deleted and 1 warning.
  • Breaking rule 3 will lead to your page getting deleted
  • Breaking rule 4 will lead to 1 warning
  • Breaking rule 5 will lead to your page getting painfully edited or deleted, and 1 warning.
  • Breaking rule 6 will lead to a request to make them longer or shorter. If denied you'll get a warning and the page will be deleted
  • Breaking rule 7 will lead to a notice message (telling you to stop)

Please don't break the rules and thanks.

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